Upgrade To Gold Program: Two-Tiered Affiliate Program:

We Pay Commissions on TWO (2) Levels:

This means that you can make money TWO ways.

1st tier: 40%
2nd tier: 10%

How It Works:
1) You get paid 40% commission when someone that you refer to our website(s) upgrades their membership from Basic to Gold... and since this is a monthly membership, you get paid monthly -- for as long as they are a customer.

Our combined Cookie and IP Tracking System accurately assigns sales credit.

2) If any visitor (that you refer to us) ends up becoming an affiliate, then you ALSO get paid on 10% of the business that THEY refer!

Daily Commissions:
Commissions are paid DAILY straight to your PayPal account.

We Pay On Upsells and Continuity (Monthly Recurring) Products:
You get paid commissions on all upsells... and if the product that someone buys has a recurring element (like a monthly membership)... you will be getting paid every month - for as long as they remain a customer.

We Make It Easy to Buy:
Because we accept PayPal and all major credit cards, more of the visitors that you send to us will have the ability to buy... and that means MORE money for you.

We Pay Commissions Across Multiple Products:
If your referral ends up purchasing another product from us besides the one you advertised - even if they buy later - you still get paid on that sale.

Our combined Cookie and IP Tracking System keeps track of everything.