Coding A WordPress Theme Demonstrated For You – Module 1

This session was recorded on Thursday, November 1st, 2012.

This is the first module of a multi-module training series where we are going through the basics of how to code your own WordPress theme.

Even if you never plan on coding your own theme, knowing  how the WordPress structure works can be very liberating.

Imagine being able to outsource custom theme development and confidently knowing the quality of the product you are getting back.

Or …

How To Make A Website Load Faster: Several Things You Can Do

ethernet cable in green going up and one in red going down, symbolizing load time of a siteThere are several things you can do to make your website load faster.

First of all, be sure to optimize the images on your website. There are many people that mistakenly think that the bigger the image file size, the better it will look online.

Optimizing images for viewing online vs. offline are two ENTIRELY different things.

Also… avoid using PNGs with a transparent background when it is not really necessary.

Don’t make that …

WordPress Menus: How Do I Use The WordPress Menus System?

WordPress Menu System

WordPress menus used to have to be hand-coded and typically ‘resided’ in the header.php files of a WordPress theme.

Nowadays it is much easier to create, use, and edit menus right in the back of WordPress.

Not all themes, however, come with this functionality.

Although the ability to use the back-end ‘drag and drop’ menu system is now built into the WordPress core, your particular theme has to be coded in such a way so …

How To Turn Off the Skype Phone Number Link On My Web Page

http code disable skype click to callKnowing how to turn off the Skype phone number link on your web page could come in very handy and maybe be the difference between a conversion and no conversion (in some instances), where clients mistakenly identify ugly, clickable phone numbers caused by their Skype program with a poor design job on your part.

Once upon a time we had a client keep complaining about the website we designed for them: “The phone number is …

FTP Shortcuts: Can I Program My FTP Client to Help Me Quickly Find Directories?

FTP Bookmarks - Global and Site Specific Ever tried to edit a file using an FTP client only to find that it takes you more time to locate the file than it does to do the actual edit?

It’s frustrating… we know

You click here, click there, click every which-a-where and you STILL  cannot remember just where that particular file is that you need to edit. We find that to be the case many times in shopping carts.

Even if you know …