Is There a Fast Way to Change All the Links In A Website After A Move?

Change WordPress Links FastHave you ever wondered if there is a really quick way to change all of the existing links on a website?

Being able to do this is ESPECIALLY useful if you develop sites on a test server and then make the site ‘live’ a little later on — on a different URL.

We do this almost every day

Here at Marketing Online Workshop, we are doing this almost on a daily basis — and sometimes… …

How Do I Tell the Fonts Used For Logos?

What Is This Font?So how can you tell the fonts that are used for logos? That’s the million dollar question that many have and the reason that it is the million dollar question is because there are literally MILLIONS of fonts out there.

You see a logo you like, but don’t know the font

That has happened to many of us. We fall in love with a logo, but don’t know the font they used to create the …

My Content is Going Underneath My Videos. What Can I Do?

a YouTube logoIs  your content (like a drop-down menu) going “underneath” your video?

This is a common problem that we’ve seen on several site recently that have embedded videos from sites like YouTube.

We also see this on sites that have both popups and embedded videos on the same page.

This issue, however can be EASILY solved by adding a certain parameter to the embed code.

Watch this video to find out how outbound links can and …

Your Questions Answered: What is the Best Theme to Use When Building WordPress Site? My Drop-down menus are going underneath my videos? How Do I Set Up Google Webmaster Tools? Much more…

This Session Was Recorded on Thursday, February 23rd :

Here is where you had exlusive access to members of our team.

During this call we covered a whole host of questions on WordPress.

You asked your WordPress questions and we answered.

Listen and find out the answer to things like how to set up Google Webmaster Tools for a website, how to keep drop-down menus from going underneath videos, how to do on-page SEO… …

HTML/CSS Practice Area

We have added a html/css practice area to the site, to allow you to code directly on the page, and see live results. This will be great for those of you that want to try and implement some of the code you have learned in  class without needing to create file on a web-server.

The test area supports html/css/java/flash and you can embed/include external files ( like javascripts or css files)

Hope you enjoy it …