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Web Design Principles: What Should I Consider When Designing My Webpage Or A Homepage?

Web Design Principals

What are some web design principles that you should use when building your (or your clients’) websites?

Many companies design a website based upon what they like and not what their market likes or ‘expects’.

Spending some time doing a little research on how the use of color in different niches affects first-impressions is a ‘must’.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to see how the competition is using color and which color the market sort of …

What is the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Squeeze Page?

Squeeze Page Vs Landing PageEver wondered what the difference is between a landing page and a squeeze page? They are (technically) two (2) different things.

True, any page a visitor ‘lands’ on is a landing page, but in this particular example, we are going to treat them as two separate things.

A landing page

A landing page is any page that is an entry point into your website.

There are many different ways that a client can find you… …

Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytic's - are there any alternatives? Many marketers are seeking  Google Analytics alternatives. That may be for several reasons:

People don’t trust Google Analytics with their private data

Google already pretty much owns the world… so why not install Google Analytics and share all your website’s private data? We have marketing friends who actually swear that ever since they installed Google Analytics, their rankings went down. While installing Google Analytics may or may not have anything to do with your rankings, …

How To Add Google Analytics Code To WordPress: The BEST Way

google analytics backend snapshotIf you are trying to add Google Analytics code to WordPress, you may wish to consider doing it the manual way.

Yes, there are several WordPress plugins for installing Google Analytics code out there, BUT

Sometimes plugins break. And why have another plugin taking up resources when you can paste the code in so easily the manual way?

Plus, it will do you good to learn how to do this because it will likely …