Content Curation Software: Which is the Best Tool?

There are many content curation software tools on the market these days. In fact, according to Google Trends, ‘content curation’ is becoming quite the buzzword these days.

For those of you who don’t know what content curation is… it is being touted highly amongst many SEO circles as a way to get fast content into your website and to improve your rankings in Google.

While we won’t go into the correct way to do content …

Web Conversion Rate: My Traffic is Up, But My Web Conversion Rates Are Down. Why?

Double Your Traffic

Web conversion rates are an important metric to track, but we think it is probably one of THE most misunderstood and misinterpreted website metrics of all time.

Yes, you SHOULD pay attention to your conversion rates, but NOT at the expense of sales.

What do we mean?

Well, to put it simply… which is more important? Conversions or sales?

MOST people would probably answer “sales”, but you would be surprised at the number of ‘corporate

Rank Tracking Software: Is There Any Way (Software) To See Where A Website Google Ranking Is Now And Then After I Do The SEO, Track The Improvements?

Better Rankings!

When it comes to rank tracking software you have many options to choose from. Some of these options are free, while others cost money.

If your budget is ‘zero’ and you still need to track your rankings you can use a free tool (that we mention in this video) that you can download to your computer and the rankings of the keywords you wish to track.

The problem with software that runs on your own …

What is Off Page SEO? Is All Off Page SEO Blackhat?

a black hat

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is ANYTHING that you do (from an SEO-perspective) that is not on a page of your main website.

For instance: If you are optimizing a title tag on your website… that is ON-page SEO.

If you are modifying the alt attribute of an image on your site… THAT is on-page SEO.

But if you are doing things like article marketing, social bookmarking, etc. Those are OFF-page SEO activities.…

Alt Tag SEO: Just How Important is the Alt Attribute to SEO?

Are Alt Tags Important?

Alt Tag SEO is technically a misnomer.

Really, there is no such thing as an alt tag of an image. It is the alt ATTRIBUTE. But that is another discussion altogether.

The main reason for this post is to stress just how important proper use of the alt attribute is to your SEO efforts and to those who use the aid of screen readers to tell them what is on a page.

In the …