Do Outbound Links Dilute Your “PageRank”?

pagerank drawingDo outbound links dilute your PageRank?

We often hear clients say that someone told them to link to a big company like Amazon or Wikipedia, or perhaps some other well-known company in their niche.

While we all want to be “good internet citizens” and link to other sites when it is appropriate… did you know that too much linking out to other sites on the web may be hurting your search engine rankings? And …

How Do I SEO An Image in WordPress?

picture of a world with SEO written on it illustrating search engine ranking factorsHow do you SEO an image in WordPress? SHOULD you even bother?

Many times we are in a huge hurry and we just don’t take the time to do the things that we should do to help our on-page SEO… and doing the proper things to images is one of them.

Yes, you SHOULD apply SEO efforts to your images and it all starts with the way you name the image.

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Your Questions Answered: What is the Best Theme to Use When Building WordPress Site? My Drop-down menus are going underneath my videos? How Do I Set Up Google Webmaster Tools? Much more…

This Session Was Recorded on Thursday, February 23rd :

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During this call we covered a whole host of questions on WordPress.

You asked your WordPress questions and we answered.

Listen and find out the answer to things like how to set up Google Webmaster Tools for a website, how to keep drop-down menus from going underneath videos, how to do on-page SEO… …

In Terms of Navigation and SEO What is the Best Way to Use Categories, Pages, & Posts? And Why?

picture of a world with SEO written on it illustrating search engine ranking factorsIf you already have a ‘keyword-rich’ domain name, that’s great! But many people don’t… but that’s OKAY, too.

Either way… you will want to strategically use keyword-rich categories (in most cases) in your post URL structure in WordPress.

Also… you should always be using your main keywords in the post-name or page-name.

Having the main keywords that you want that piece of content ranked for in the domain name can be HUGE.

See how …

The Importance Of Title Tags

Title tags are arguably one of the most important on-page factors for ranking high in the search engines, yet most people get this all wrong!

Either they don’t know what they are doing when it comes to writing title tags or they let some plugin automatically write the title tag for them

Many times folks are just downright lazy and don’t take the extra minute or so that can be THE difference between getting traffic and not getting traffic…