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Does Having an Earnings Disclaimer Increase Search Engine Rankings?

stick man sitting on legal gavel typing on laptop symbolizing legal complianceThere is a case to be made that having legal compliance statements and documents like Earnings Disclaimers, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policies can increase search engine rankings.

There have been some cases that we have heard about (but not independently verified) where websites that were hit by Penguin ‘penalties’ did nothing more than add an Earnings Disclaimer policy to their website and all their rankings came back.

Now, whether or not adding the …

Using Different Shipping Methods In Shopping Carts

Shopping Cart Shipping SetupUsing multiple shipping options for your clients in your shopping cart can be both a good and a bad idea. Here’s how:

Increase conversions by offering more choices

Our experience has shown over and over again that using multiple shipping options for your e-commerce customers can increase conversions. Many people offer only one shipping option.

Buyers can be awfully sensitive about the shipping charges… and they may UNFAIRLY determine that you are trying to make …

Is Shipping Taxable?

Should I charge Shipping Tax?Is shipping taxable? The answer may surprise many – even large and well-established companies!

The answer actually depends on the state that you ship from

Different states handle shipping charges different ways. Some say shipping is taxable on all goods sold. Others have crazy rules which make wording and presentation around the purchase paramount and pretty much take a tax accountant to help you figure out

What you don’t know CAN hurt you

Let’s say …