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Choosing A Domain Name

Did you know that in many cases, having a keyword-rich domain name can dramatically affect your search engine rankings (all other things being equal)?

Sometimes the correct domain name can even affect click-through rates to your website.

I mean… wouldn’t you naturally think that (as opposed to has what you want if you were in the market for orange widgets?

Many people don’t understand how to go about choosing a domain name for their business or even how to properly search for and reserve domain names for that matter…

How To Draw Caricature In Photoshop And Gimp

caricature of Evan and Georgecaricature of JoshIt dependes on the niche, but we have seen a few studies where the use of caricatures on websites actually increases conversions.

Caricatures help you stand out. They’re eye-catching. They help you brand yourself and your business in a way that you definitely will be remembered.

Well, how would you like to be able to make your own at will? It really doesn’t take that long and if you know a little about photoshop and …

Everything You Need To know About Jing

image of the Jing logoSo how good are you at communicating what you want to someone?

Adding a visual element to emails could be the difference between communicating something effectively or not at all.

Jing is a TOTALLY FREE tool that we at Marketing Online Workshop use to dramatically improve the way we communicate with our clients and each other.

It allows us to record either video or screen shots right there on our computer monitor and share them …