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Will Keeping My Inactive WordPress Plugins Slow My Site Down? What Company Do You Recommend For Voiceovers? Will Whiteboard Videos Increase My Conversions? How Can I Tell If My Amazon S3 Buckets Are Secure?

This session was recorded on Thursday, September 27th, 2012.

This week we started with a brief overview of the latest version of MOW POP (Version 4.1). Next, we started answering YOUR questions.

How can I take credit cards? Many folks are collecting credit card data and don’t even realize that they are breaking the law and could be subject to huge penalties if something ever happened to that data. Find out our take on this.…

MOWPOP Ver 4.1 *New Release* 9/26/2012


4.1 :

Dramatic increase in popup load times ( time taken to load elements )
Plugin speed in general increased!
All known compatibility issues with themes and plugins resolved
Added new editor feature, mouse over layer ( in layer box ) now highlights the layer on the canvas to make finding things easier.
+ several other patches and fixes.
This + the changes of the 4.0 release is one of the most dramatic releases …

Does Having an Earnings Disclaimer Increase Search Engine Rankings?

stick man sitting on legal gavel typing on laptop symbolizing legal complianceThere is a case to be made that having legal compliance statements and documents like Earnings Disclaimers, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policies can increase search engine rankings.

There have been some cases that we have heard about (but not independently verified) where websites that were hit by Penguin ‘penalties’ did nothing more than add an Earnings Disclaimer policy to their website and all their rankings came back.

Now, whether or not adding the …

How To Make A Website Load Faster: Several Things You Can Do

ethernet cable in green going up and one in red going down, symbolizing load time of a siteThere are several things you can do to make your website load faster.

First of all, be sure to optimize the images on your website. There are many people that mistakenly think that the bigger the image file size, the better it will look online.

Optimizing images for viewing online vs. offline are two ENTIRELY different things.

Also… avoid using PNGs with a transparent background when it is not really necessary.

Don’t make that …

Should I Use Social Media Buttons on My Website?

a bunch of social media buttonsShould you add Pinterest buttons (or for that matter ANY social media button) to all of your pages and posts?

There are two (2) schools of thought on this matter.

One side thinks that by adding social media buttons you are increasing the likelihood of them sharing your content, which could increase the chance of your content going ‘viral’.

The other side thinks that if your stuff is really good enough, then people will share