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Free Web Icons: These are Resources That We Actually Use When We Design Websites

How To Find Icons

There are many sources for free web icons. The ‘catch’ is finding those that allow you to use their icons royalty-free.

Many times internet marketers will include icons as part of a bundle or a bonus to a product that they are selling.

If you have ever bought a product just to get free icons, then you made a huge mistake because you can probably get all the icons you will ever need for free.

Web Design Principles: What Should I Consider When Designing My Webpage Or A Homepage?

Web Design Principals

What are some web design principles that you should use when building your (or your clients’) websites?

Many companies design a website based upon what they like and not what their market likes or ‘expects’.

Spending some time doing a little research on how the use of color in different niches affects first-impressions is a ‘must’.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to see how the competition is using color and which color the market sort of …

Online Photoshop Alternative: Because Sometimes Photoshop Can Be ‘Overkill’

Photoshop Alternatives Let’s face it. For many of us… Photoshop is waaay overkill.

The investment that it takes to learn just the basics and be tremendous.

And when you open the interface, it can be rather overwhelming — especially if you are a newbie at editing.

And for the majority, the cost of Photoshop ┬áif absolutely prohibitive. It’s not worth the $600 investment just so that you can use .01% of its features!

Well there ARE some

How Do I Tell the Fonts Used For Logos?

What Is This Font?So how can you tell the fonts that are used for logos? That’s the million dollar question that many have and the reason that it is the million dollar question is because there are literally MILLIONS of fonts out there.

You see a logo you like, but don’t know the font

That has happened to many of us. We fall in love with a logo, but don’t know the font they used to create the …

Creating And Saving Your Own Photoshop Layer Styles.

In this video I’m going to do a quick introduction to layer styles, what they are, how to create them and how to save them for use later on.

This is defiantly something you are going to want to learn if using Photoshop, and can literally save you hours when working on a website design!

Im going to create a few styles, teach the basics of using the tools to create a style, then how …