More Than Basic WordPress… Your Questions Answered, Plus How to Make Your Site Stand Out

This Session Was Recorded on Thursday, February 9th:  

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During this call we covered a whole host of questions on WordPress.

You asked your WordPress questions and we answered.

Listen and find out the answer to things like how to better secure your site, how to update your website with the Facebook comments system, how to properly back up your WordPress website… and

How To Install WordPress To My Computer

cartoon man holding a wrenchHow do you install WordPress to your computer?

Sometimes you are going to want to install a development version of WordPress so that you can work on it without messing with your existing WordPress installation.

In situations where speed is a big priority (and you aren’t comfortable doing major coding) while accessing your hosting server through the internet, you may wish to install WordPress on your local computer.

This can be done, but it involves …

MOW POP Large button PSD Files

We had some requests from users that would like tyo chage the buttons in mowpop to suit there needs, change text etc.

So we dug up some of the psd files we used to create the buttons you see in mowpop and are adding them here for users to download.

If using these files I would suggest keeping the same size, and only changing color/font etc AND you must keep the CSS naming as set …

How To Add Google Analytics Code To WordPress: The BEST Way

google analytics backend snapshotIf you are trying to add Google Analytics code to WordPress, you may wish to consider doing it the manual way.

Yes, there are several WordPress plugins for installing Google Analytics code out there, BUT

Sometimes plugins break. And why have another plugin taking up resources when you can paste the code in so easily the manual way?

Plus, it will do you good to learn how to do this because it will likely …

Your Hosting Company Backup May Not Be Good Enough. Find Out Why!

cartoon man holding a wrenchRelying on your hosting company to back up your data can be absolutely disastrous.

While the majority of hosting companies back up their clients’ files on a weekly basis, this does NOT ensure that the backup they are making is the backup that you will be needing – ESPECIALLY if your website gets hacked.

You should take the responsibility of backing up your own database and files into your own hands.