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MOWPOP Ver 4.1 *New Release* 9/26/2012


4.1 :

Dramatic increase in popup load times ( time taken to load elements )
Plugin speed in general increased!
All known compatibility issues with themes and plugins resolved
Added new editor feature, mouse over layer ( in layer box ) now highlights the layer on the canvas to make finding things easier.
+ several other patches and fixes.
This + the changes of the 4.0 release is one of the most dramatic releases …

MOW POP Marketing Suite Questions Answered

This session was recorded on Thursday, Septbember 6th, 2012.

This week was conducted solely by Evan, as George had an out-of-office emergency that he had to attend to.

Evan answered several important questions that you were having about MOW POP Marketing Suite.

Not only did he address your issues, but he showed you how to do some pretty cool things, including how to make and upload your OWN buttons.

If you are not yet …

MOW POP Large button PSD Files

We had some requests from users that would like tyo chage the buttons in mowpop to suit there needs, change text etc.

So we dug up some of the psd files we used to create the buttons you see in mowpop and are adding them here for users to download.

If using these files I would suggest keeping the same size, and only changing color/font etc AND you must keep the CSS naming as set …

Mow Quick Find/Replace Plugin – NOW BASIC CONTENT- DOWNLOAD FREE!!

Have you ever built a website on a test or temporary server and then moved it over to it’s permanent home…only to discover that now many of the links were broken? Or maybe you’ve changed domain names and now all of the internal links in your site are now working and now you have to spend hours going through your pages or posts and fixing hundreds of links? Well…we solved that issue with the MOW …

MOW SMS – WordPress Text Messaging System

We can get you started with SMS marketing faster than you can say, “Can you hear me now?” Think about this:  91% of the U.S. has a cell phone, 95% of cell phones have SMS capabilities, and, on average, text messages are read within four minutes. Are you seriously still contemplating going mobile?

Our SMS marketing Plugin allows you to quickly, easily, and economically implement mobile campaigns and spin your database into gold. Once Installed …