Chronic Commissions? Really?…

Chronic Commissions.

That’s the name of the latest lame product bought to you by ClickBank and company as well as some guy named “Caleb”, along with some pretty prominent “gurus” out there promoting it.

image of "Chronic Commissions" sales page

If you want to waste your money, go buy it. If you are one of the “Make Money From Home” addicts, then we advise you NOT to go to the link towards the bottom of this blog post… and if you do… to FIRST HIDE YOUR CREDIT CARD.

“Chronic Commissions” should be renamed “Chronic Liars” and ClickBank ought to have checked this one out a little bit better.

But why let a little thing like ethics and integrity stand in the way of a fat 7% of commissions, right ClickBank?

Nowhere in the sales letter (or video) does it talk about having to spend money and buy advertising, but that is EXACTLY what you have to do if want to have any success whatsoever with their little “system”.

How do we know? Because some of the guilty promoters save us a lot of trouble over in the Warrior Forum by telling us what’s in it. Of course, that is because they want to be totally “above board” before they promote it to their lists.

To paraphrase a post we read earlier today… something must be wrong in “guruland” for  them to have to keep stooping this low… and it’s not even Christmastime yet.

So if you want to click your mouse (5 times according to Chronic Commissions) and make thousands of dollars and go to the beach, then go over to  (Cut it and paste it; we are not helping you go there) and buy their new product.

But “you had better hurry” because they are limiting this to the first 150 buyers. Yeah… right.

But if you want to make real money on the internet, we have some bad news for you… you may have to do a little “Chronic” Work  (ouch!).



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