Coding A WordPress Theme Demonstrated For You – Module 4

This session was recorded on Thursday, November 29th, 2012.

This is the fourth module of a multi-module training series where we are going through the basics of how to code your own WordPress theme.

In this module we actually focused on coding for a sliding banner. And then we showed you how to make the banner ‘collapse’ on inner pages so that your visitors will get fast page loads as they browse around your site.

Later, we showed you how to code a form into the sidebar, using some built-in cool scripts that we have included.

Even if you never plan on doing this yourself, following along as we code our design into a working theme allows you to see how CSS and HTML work together with WordPress to render a nice, clean, SEO and conversion-friendly theme.

Armed with the knowledge of how everything works together will allow you to make navigate your way around many themes, making the process of making small changes (that would have previously been subbed out to webmasters) quite easy!

Below the video is a list of some of the areas we covered. Scroll to the section that you are most interested in (after the video loads).

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Again… below the video (at the bottom of this post) is a list of questions that were covered in the call.

  • Downloading the jQuery Nivo slider that we like to use. 5:41
  • Changing some settings on Nivo slider. 6:16
  • Adding the code to your theme to make the slider work. 7:43
  • Why you will want to use your banner twice – even if you only have one banner. 8:32
  • Precisely positioning the banner where you want using CSS. 9:55
  • Coding the sidebar. 14:52
  • Adding java script for form validation. 15:04
  • Styling the form fields. 17:27
  • Integrating our form with FormToEmail.php. 24:31
  • Styling the text at the top of the contact form. 29:08
  • Coding the slider to ‘collapse’ on inner pages. 36:12
  • Using php to tell our theme which pages to omit the contact form from the sidebar. 42:54
  • Creating the blog page before we style it. 51:53