Content Curation Software: Which is the Best Tool?

There are many content curation software tools on the market these days. In fact, according to Google Trends, ‘content curation’ is becoming quite the buzzword these days.

For those of you who don’t know what content curation is… it is being touted highly amongst many SEO circles as a way to get fast content into your website and to improve your rankings in Google.

While we won’t go into the correct way to do content curation — and there IS a particular way to do it — we will talk briefly about what content curation is.

If you have ever heard of a museum curator… that is the person responsible for deciding which ‘piece’ of history actually makes it on display (and how it is ultimately displayed) for the general public.

Content curation works almost the same way. There are many, many articles to go through in order to decide which is best for your audience.

You need a quick and easy way of sifting through all that content so you can easily decide what your audience needs to see… hence, ‘content curation’.

You select and article, image or video on the web to talk about. Write a brief 50-200 word explanation of that content, and then link to it.

Using the ‘content curation’ technique, you can add 5 times as much content to your site in the time it takes to write one 600-800 word article.

Many sites today pretty much do nothing but content curation anyway for the majority of their content. Sites such as LifeHacker ( is a great example… and that site is doing pretty well these days.

There are many emerging software tools that specialize in helping you to curate content.

Watch the video below to find out one of our favorites (and one that we currently use) for curating content for our customer’s websites.