Does Having an Earnings Disclaimer Increase Search Engine Rankings?

stick man sitting on legal gavel typing on laptop symbolizing legal complianceThere is a case to be made that having legal compliance statements and documents like Earnings Disclaimers, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policies can increase search engine rankings.

There have been some cases that we have heard about (but not independently verified) where websites that were hit by Penguin ‘penalties’ did nothing more than add an Earnings Disclaimer policy to their website and all their rankings came back.

Now, whether or not adding the policy was the real culprit… it DOES make sense! .

From our experience in the Google Adwords world, if a ‘live’ reviewer does not find a privacy policy or other required documents on a website, then the website gets disqualified or very low quality scores, depending on the severity of the ‘violoation’.

Well, if Google reviewers and bots can do that on the Adwords side… does it not make sense that now the bots are looking for those things on the search engine ranking side? And maybe they have all along, but are just getting around to making it a really big rankings deal.

Either way… the law is the law… and you should have the required documents (again, depending on what you are doing).

Now some ‘purists’ will argue that having these documents don’t increase rankings, but not having them will induce a rankings ‘penalty’.

Well… if I don’t have one and have poor rankings. And then I add one… and my rankings go up… then I can make the argument that having these policies increase rankings. It’s all ‘semantics’ anyway.

Watch the video below for our ‘take’ on this, as well as a pretty good FREE resource for making your own Earnings Disclaimer.