Free Web Icons: These are Resources That We Actually Use When We Design Websites

How To Find Icons

There are many sources for free web icons. The ‘catch’ is finding those that allow you to use their icons royalty-free.

Many times internet marketers will include icons as part of a bundle or a bonus to a product that they are selling.

If you have ever bought a product just to get free icons, then you made a huge mistake because you can probably get all the icons you will ever need for free.

With some icon websites, you can even ‘pull’ or drag the icons right into Photoshop without the extra step of downloading them onto your computer.

We use icons in every single one of our designs. Nothing ‘spices up’ a ‘decision box’ or an ‘info box’ like an icon does.

Colorful icons draw attention to the box and enhance the message you are trying to get across (when used correctly).

Watch the video to find out some resources that we recommend for free icons that you can use on your website.