FTP Shortcuts: Can I Program My FTP Client to Help Me Quickly Find Directories?

FTP Bookmarks - Global and Site Specific Ever tried to edit a file using an FTP client only to find that it takes you more time to locate the file than it does to do the actual edit?

It’s frustrating… we know

You click here, click there, click every which-a-where and you STILL  cannot remember just where that particular file is that you need to edit. We find that to be the case many times in shopping carts.

Even if you know where you want to go… it STILL TAKES VALUABLE TIME

But even using CMS applications like WordPress or Joomla… going to the file that you want to edit takes time EVEN if you know exactly where the file is that you need to edit.

A little time invested can go an awfully long way…

If you don’t mind taking the extra time to program a ‘bookmark’ (in Filezilla, a free FTP client program), you can realize some major time savings – ESPECIALLY if you are a programmer or are constantly making file changes to your website(s).

Be sure to view this entire video to find out EXACTLY how we use FTP shortcuts in Filezilla, using Filezilla’s ‘bookmark’ feature.