How Do I Tell the Fonts Used For Logos?

What Is This Font?So how can you tell the fonts that are used for logos? That’s the million dollar question that many have and the reason that it is the million dollar question is because there are literally MILLIONS of fonts out there.

You see a logo you like, but don’t know the font

That has happened to many of us. We fall in love with a logo, but don’t know the font they used to create the logo. Try asking the site owner the font name of their logo? RIGHT! Just try it and see if they reply. Usually, no such luck.

Your client asks you to re-create a font… and they think it should be easy

Clients are all-the-time asking us to recreate or make changes to their logo. Sometimes they don’t want changes. They just want to use the one they have on a brand new website.

The only problem is that when we ask them for their original logo, THEY DON’T HAVE IT. And they don’t quite understand just how hard it is to ‘lift’ their existing logo off of a background that is no conducive to doing this.

Save yourself hours of time and frustration with a simple online tool

We’ve found an online tool that actually makes finding fonts used for making logos a breeze!. We use this tool several times a week and it has saved us many hours of time — not to mention frustration and a few late nights.

Watch the video below to find out which tool we recommend for determining the font used in most logos.