How To Make A Website Load Faster: Several Things You Can Do

ethernet cable in green going up and one in red going down, symbolizing load time of a siteThere are several things you can do to make your website load faster.

First of all, be sure to optimize the images on your website. There are many people that mistakenly think that the bigger the image file size, the better it will look online.

Optimizing images for viewing online vs. offline are two ENTIRELY different things.

Also… avoid using PNGs with a transparent background when it is not really necessary.

Don’t make that mistake or you will find that your website load much slower than it should.

Another thing to consider is the use of social icons. Using too many social media buttons or using them in the wrong way can definitely cause load-time issues.

Walk-out videos can wreak havoc on a site’s speed. Test to make sure that walk-out videos do actually increase your conversions. If they don’t… then stop using them.

If you do need to use walk-outs… then make sure they are optimized.

There are many other things to consider that can help your pages load faster. Watch the video below to find out some of them.