How To Turn Off the Skype Phone Number Link On My Web Page

http code disable skype click to callKnowing how to turn off the Skype phone number link on your web page could come in very handy and maybe be the difference between a conversion and no conversion (in some instances), where clients mistakenly identify ugly, clickable phone numbers caused by their Skype program with a poor design job on your part.

Once upon a time we had a client keep complaining about the website we designed for them: “The phone number is not big enough!” they said.

So… we made it bigger.

Size really mattered to this particular client

“It’s STILL not big enough,” she said. So we made the phone number even larger.

“Nope!” I don’t see any difference… PLUS I need for you to change the color and get rid of that ugly underline.”

Was she seeing what we were seeing?

We finally (after a screen-share) figured it out (duh!). She had Skype installed and had the feature enabled that allowed Skype to change all of the phone numbers she saw in her browser to tiny, blue-underlined links.

We were then able to walk her through turning off that horrid Skype feature — horrid for visitors, but not for you when you want to use Skype for the purpose of making calling folks easier.  :)

So, do I have to train the whole world how to turn off that Skype feature when they are on my site?

The good news is… there are several ways to make sure that website visitors don’t see your (or your clients’) phone numbers in Skype format when they visit your website(s) — even if they have that feature turned on.

Code mentioned in video  ( add to head section of website )


Take a look at the brief video below to find out how you can keep Skype from messing up your sites and making numbers clickable.