Marketing Online: Bring Realistic Expectations to the Table or Don’t Come at All

Marketing online is not easy. Not everyone knows how to do it. In fact, VERY FEW know how to do it… and those that do, usually know very little about it how to market effectively.

We are sometimes overwhelmed with all of the information and choices out there to choose from when it comes to marketing online. It takes a lot of skill just to be able to choose which areas to focus in where you can maximize your return on investment.

A company we recently talked to that does business online has offices all over the country and competes in a very competitive industry. They needed marketing help… so they came to us.

We listened and prepared a quotation. Due to the extreme competitiveness of their market and the amount of work involved to help them rank well in the search engines… that quote was several thousands of dollars a month.

Now, if the client were to pay a full-time employee to handle search marketing for them, they would be looking at probably close to $100,000 a year and the problem is… that person would pretty much have to be a “jack of all trades”, having many different areas of expertise. On top of that… things are changing on the internet at lightning speed. It would take weeks and weeks out of that person’s year just to keep up. In fact, one of our biggest costs is continuing education for ourselves and our employees.

To make a long story short, the client balked at the price. They expected something under $1,000 a month. I don’t know about your town, but I could make at least that amount flipping burgers at McDonalds where I live. So let’s put this in perspective. A company that is already doing well… over 7 figures a year online wants to spend monthly what it would cost to hire a burger-flipper to help them market online and increase their sales drastically.

Now, we can’t totally blame the client. Maybe we did not educate them well enough or sell the value of our services properly. But at the same time… companies need to bring realistic expectations to their online marketing efforts. Marketing online is an art. It is a skill. It is not some type of “voodoo”, where you spend a couple thousand dollars and then get rich.

But you’d be surprised how many large companies still just don’t “get it” when it comes to marketing online. But that’s okay. Many smaller companies do. They understand that the internet is NOT fair.

They understand that small companies can successfully compete with much larger companies online and win… if they know what they are doing. For just a few thousand bucks on the internet, you can build a website that makes you look like a multi-million dollar company. You can’t do that in the “bricks and mortar” offline.

And with the proper investment in search marketing efforts from an individual or company that knows what it is doing on the internet, you can give your online company exposure on the internet that can result in targeted buyers visiting your site and buying your wares, while you laugh all the way to the bank.

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