Video 1
Introduction to MOW POP Marketing Suite
Watch this video FIRST for an overview on how to EASILY get started adding professional-looking, high-converting ads to your website immediat...
Video 2
Installing MOW POP Using WordPress
You can install MOW POP Marketing Suite like you would any other WordPress plugin by installing it from the plugin section in the admin area of WordPress. ...
Video 3
Installing MOW POP Using FTP
Since MOW POP Marketing Suite is such a large plugin (with over 2000) presets , and depending on the speed of your host, you may need to use FTP to install...
Video 4
Generating Your
Serial Number
Each license will need a unique serial number. Our easy-to-use interface makes generating a serial number for your website quick and easy.

All you h...

Video 5
Adding Popups
You will be surprised at how simple it is to add professional, high-converting popus to your website with MOW POP Marketing Suite.

It will only take...
Video 6
Adding Slide-ins
Slide-ins can be configured to slide out from the bottom, top, left, or right. You can even control their slide-in speed. Slide-ins are a powerful converti...
Video 7
Adding Tabs
Tabs are a way to draw attention to specific elements of your web pages (like Specials or the Contact Us section). Their use can help increase conversions ...
Video 8
Adding Tooltips
Tooltips are the mouseover effects that show certain ads when your visitor mouses over keywords that you have programmed to trigger those ads.

In th...

Video 9
Adding Widgets To Sidebars and Pages
Now you can use MOW POP Marketing Suite to create widgets... and these are not just sidebar widgets either. Simply paste a shortcode in a sidebar or anywhe...
Video 10
Adding Timed
'Reveal Content' Ads
'Reveal Content' Widgets are ads that you create that can be programmed to automatically display after a certain time delay. Movement is a POWERFUL convers...
Video 11
Creating Ads With the Template System
If you don't want to use our drag-and-drop editor to create ads, just use our high-converting, professionally-designed templates and customize them from th...
Video 12
Overview of the Drag-and-Drop Editor
The Drag-and-Drop Editor is what separates MOW POP from the rest. It allows you to design professional-looking, high-converting ads in only a few minutes. ...

Video 13
Working With the Layers Toolbar
MOW POP's Layer Toolbar makes it easy to work with individual elements of your ad. If you are familiar with the layers toolbar in photoshop, you will LOVE ...
Video 14
Easily Create Duplicates of Your Ads For Testing
Perhaps you like everything about your ad, but want to test different headlines or maybe two colors of buttons. Simply copy your ad and make the change....
Video 15
Track Your Ads With Baked-In Analytics
Want to see how effective your ads are? We've included baked-in analytics so you can track impressions, clicks, and conversions. Placs ads in rotation and ...
Video 16
Import AutoResponder Form Code
Easily import your auto-responder code into MOW POP so that you can create unique, professional-looking forms that stand out from the crowd.

Our i...

Video 17
Using Master Settings To Control Ad Display
You will be surprised at how simple it is to add professional, high-converting popus to your website with MOW POP Marketing Suite.

It will only take...
Video 18
How To Upload
Your Own Images
Although MOW POP comes with over 2000 presets, we have made it easy for you to upload your own graphics, icons, images, buttons, etc. so that you can make ...
Video 19
Creating Your Own 'Close' Button
Although we have already created a bunch of close buttons for you to use, you may wish to create your own. No problem. We made it so that you can totally c...
Video 20
Adding Java Script to Make Your Ads Cool
Because MOW POP allows the use of java script, you can create ads that include Facebook and other social media features. You can also include other java sc...

Video 21
Updating MOW POP Marketing Suite
MOW POP will automatically tell you when there is an update available. This video explains how to take updates....

More WordPress Plugin Tutorial Trainings Coming Soon: MOW POP Marketing Suite

More tutorials will be coming soon.

ALSO… (for those of you who download MOW POP Marketing Suite) be on the lookout for an email invitation to a special webinar we will be having that will cover everything you need to know about using MOW POP Marketing Suite, including the basics, as well as some advanced training.

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If you cannot make this training… we will record it and give you access to the video.


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