Rank Tracking Software: Is There Any Way (Software) To See Where A Website Google Ranking Is Now And Then After I Do The SEO, Track The Improvements?

Better Rankings!

When it comes to rank tracking software you have many options to choose from. Some of these options are free, while others cost money.

If your budget is ‘zero’ and you still need to track your rankings you can use a free tool (that we mention in this video) that you can download to your computer and the rankings of the keywords you wish to track.

The problem with software that runs on your own computer, though, is that your computer has to be on (and working properly) for it to work.

If you do SEO for several clients, where the clients depend on weekly or monthly reporting, then relying on a software that runs on your own computer may be a problem. (We know… because we tried that for several years, and there always seemed to problems.)

Towards the end of this short video, we mention a solution that is not only one we highly recommend… but it is the tool we use for reporting the rankings of all of our projects — both internally and those of our clients.

Yes, it is a solution that costs a little money, but the price is well worth it… and quite simply, it is one of the best solutions we have found for not only tracking rankings, but for managing many aspects of a client’s campaign.

Watch the video below for more information.