Safe Free Proxy Servers? Be Careful!

So you think free proxy servers are safe? Think twice!

Many folks use free proxies from places like work or school so that they can access websites that may be blocked by network administrators.

They go to these ‘free’ proxy servers to say visit a site like Facebook or to jump onto their Twitter account.

Since these proxy websites aren’t blocked, they can then use them to access the ‘forbidden’ sites. The only problem is… they end up sharing their user ids and passwords with ‘evil’ proxy owners who are spying on them.

Now granted… the vast majority of free proxies out there don’t adhere to this practice, but how do you know the one you are using isn’t spying on you? The answer is… you don’t.

If you are going to need proxies, it is best to use paid proxies. Watch the video below to find out more: