Should I Use Social Media Buttons on My Website?

a bunch of social media buttonsShould you add Pinterest buttons (or for that matter ANY social media button) to all of your pages and posts?

There are two (2) schools of thought on this matter.

One side thinks that by adding social media buttons you are increasing the likelihood of them sharing your content, which could increase the chance of your content going ‘viral’.

The other side thinks that if your stuff is really good enough, then people will share it with their audience — social media buttons or not. They will find a way.

Smashing Magazine reported recently that they removed their Facebook buttons from their site and their traffic from Facebook actually WENT UP!

Either way, there are several factors to consider before you go to adding all sorts of social media icons on your site.

Load time is one. The presence of social media icons on your pages increases load time. Not only does this increased load time effect your visitor experience (which can hurt your conversions)… but it ALSO effects your rankings in the search engines.

If you must use social icons, then stick to the main ones — like Facebook and Twitter and perhaps Linkedin. Depending on the niche that you are in different social media buttons may or may not be important.

And many of the users of sites like Delicious or Pinterest already have bookmarklets installed in their browser (so they don’t need your buttons).

Also, be aware of which pages/posts you include them on? And is it really necessary to pull in your latest Twitter feed on every page? We’re not saying that it isn’t… but don’t just do it because some ‘guru’ told you to… or because everyone else is doing it.

Quit playing “Follow the Follower” and either start leading (by thinking first) or at least follow a leader.

Watch the video below to find out our thoughts on social media buttons and their use on your website.