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MOWPOP Ver 4.1 *New Release* 9/26/2012


4.1 :

Dramatic increase in popup load times ( time taken to load elements )
Plugin speed in general increased!
All known compatibility issues with themes and plugins resolved
Added new editor feature, mouse over layer ( in layer box ) now highlights the layer on the canvas to make finding things easier.
+ several other patches and fixes.
This + the changes of the 4.0 release is one of the most dramatic releases …

">WordPress Theme Requested By Users

 We had several ideas come in for theme designs from the last theme uploaded, but one that surprisingly had a few requests.

The idea was a outside theme, with grass and sky, basically “bright” .

Over the weekend I has some time to spare ( not really but I liked the idea enough to do it anyway lol ), so I drew up a design, took the last theme that was uploaded, did some heavy

">Quick And Easy Web 2.0 Page Design

In this tutorial you will be shown how to make a easy web 2.0 layout in Photoshop, We cover some of the tools used and how to accomplish a great layout in very little time

We will be covering some of the basic tools in Photoshop, that you should learn to develop your very own great looking websites!

In a later video we will be showing how to take the design and code it into …