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MOWPOP Ver 4.1 *New Release* 9/26/2012


4.1 :

Dramatic increase in popup load times ( time taken to load elements )
Plugin speed in general increased!
All known compatibility issues with themes and plugins resolved
Added new editor feature, mouse over layer ( in layer box ) now highlights the layer on the canvas to make finding things easier.
+ several other patches and fixes.
This + the changes of the 4.0 release is one of the most dramatic releases …

">Mow Facebook WordPress Integration Plugin

When Facebook introduced the ability to imbed iframes into their pages, the mad rush was on to create WordPress themes that work neatly in Facebook.

The only problem is….that solution requires you to create and maintain two separate sites.

Let’s face it… it’s hard enough as it is to maintain one site. No one wants to have to make two changes when they can just make one.

Well…introducing…the MOW Facebook Plugin! All you have …

">MOW All-In-One SEO Pack Add-on

The MOW SEO plugin is the secret tool that we at Marketing Online Workshop use to ensure that all our clients’ web pages have been optimized for search engines.

This tool literally cuts the time we spend doing on-page search optimization by about 50%! Plus…it is kinda fun to use. (Never thought we’d say that SEO was fun.)

It works as an add-on to one of the best and most popular SEO plugins out there …