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Increase Conversion Rates: My Guru Said That Adding Video To My Website Would Increase Conversions. I Did… and They Plummeted.

Video Gold !

Do you want to increase your conversion rates by adding video?

The real question is… “Will adding video help me increase my conversions?”

The answer is… NOT NECESSARILY.

Many people add video to their websites and do it at the expense of conversions. They mistakenly do this because somebody told them to.

Video can be POWERFUL. We are a society driven by imagery and video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a …

">Everything You Need To know About Jing

image of the Jing logoSo how good are you at communicating what you want to someone?

Adding a visual element to emails could be the difference between communicating something effectively or not at all.

Jing is a TOTALLY FREE tool that we at Marketing Online Workshop use to dramatically improve the way we communicate with our clients and each other.

It allows us to record either video or screen shots right there on our computer monitor and share them …