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Web Design Principles: What Should I Consider When Designing My Webpage Or A Homepage?

Web Design Principals

What are some web design principles that you should use when building your (or your clients’) websites?

Many companies design a website based upon what they like and not what their market likes or ‘expects’.

Spending some time doing a little research on how the use of color in different niches affects first-impressions is a ‘must’.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to see how the competition is using color and which color the market sort of …

">The Importance Of Color In Web Design

image of a cartoon man coloring a big round wheelIt does not matter how good your product is…

You STILL have to “sell” your customers with a pleasing design and great color scheme!

In the “content is king” era, you rarely hear this, but it is true:
Consumers place visual appearance and colors above ALL other factors when making purchases!

Some studies have shown that brand recognition is DIRECTLY linked to consumer confidence…and having the right color scheme is a MAJOR part of brand …