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MOWPOP Ver 4.1 *New Release* 9/26/2012


4.1 :

Dramatic increase in popup load times ( time taken to load elements )
Plugin speed in general increased!
All known compatibility issues with themes and plugins resolved
Added new editor feature, mouse over layer ( in layer box ) now highlights the layer on the canvas to make finding things easier.
+ several other patches and fixes.
This + the changes of the 4.0 release is one of the most dramatic releases …

">WordPress Theme Requested By Users

 We had several ideas come in for theme designs from the last theme uploaded, but one that surprisingly had a few requests.

The idea was a outside theme, with grass and sky, basically “bright” .

Over the weekend I has some time to spare ( not really but I liked the idea enough to do it anyway lol ), so I drew up a design, took the last theme that was uploaded, did some heavy

">WordPress Theme – What a little CSS and a few new functions can do!

I took the theme coded during the Jan 26th call, added a few hundred lines of css, around 10 new functions, and 3-4 image changes, and took a basic theme, to a theme that has every page carefully styled to look great.

This version features a complete new look ,new drop-down menu, post thumbnails, breadcrumbs, styled widgets ( search, cal etc ) a completely styled comment system and MUCH more!

For those learning theme development, …

">New Section – WordPress Themes

NEW! Periodically the MOW team will develop themes based on user feedback, during webinars, when making training videos etc.

When one of our team members develops such a theme we will upload it here for our members to download, learn from, edit and use.

Some themes will be free for all members, others will be limited to user groups depending on the reason of development and complexity. The themes will be marked accordingly ( …

">Mow Quick Find/Replace Plugin – NOW BASIC CONTENT- DOWNLOAD FREE!!

Have you ever built a website on a test or temporary server and then moved it over to it’s permanent home…only to discover that now many of the links were broken? Or maybe you’ve changed domain names and now all of the internal links in your site are now working and now you have to spend hours going through your pages or posts and fixing hundreds of links? Well…we solved that issue with the MOW …