Using Different Shipping Methods In Shopping Carts

Shopping Cart Shipping SetupUsing multiple shipping options for your clients in your shopping cart can be both a good and a bad idea. Here’s how:

Increase conversions by offering more choices

Our experience has shown over and over again that using multiple shipping options for your e-commerce customers can increase conversions. Many people offer only one shipping option.

Buyers can be awfully sensitive about the shipping charges… and they may UNFAIRLY determine that you are trying to make money on them through your shipping charges (and yes, we know that this is often the case).

But offering the buying additional options can increase your conversions because buyers see those shipping charges in perspective with the other modes of shipping and then suddenly the shipping charges seem more reasonable.

But ‘a confused mind makes NO decision’

You have to be REAL careful here. We have seen some cases where the merchant wanted to be all things to all people and consequently the merchant offered too many shipping choices.

The buyer goes to check out and is presented with 18 different choices for delivering a $50 purchase. Can you say ‘overkill’?

Use the best of both worlds

Offer a few choice for shipping, but then limit those choices.

For example, if you offer only U.S mail, but can easily and cost-effectively add UPS of Fed Ex to the mix, go ahead. But be careful NOT to offer everything single way your chosen carrier can ship.

In MOST cases, overnight, 2-day, and ground are all you may need to offer for that secondary mode.

Watch the video to find out more about this topic.