Web Conversion Rate: My Traffic is Up, But My Web Conversion Rates Are Down. Why?

Double Your Traffic

Web conversion rates are an important metric to track, but we think it is probably one of THE most misunderstood and misinterpreted website metrics of all time.

Yes, you SHOULD pay attention to your conversion rates, but NOT at the expense of sales.

What do we mean?

Well, to put it simply… which is more important? Conversions or sales?

MOST people would probably answer “sales”, but you would be surprised at the number of ‘corporate types’ that we come across that worship at the feet of the almighty conversion rate.

To heck with increasing business. Forget about the company you work for’s bottom line… but “give me higher conversions”.

If you could make $100 with a conversion rate of 3%, but $105 with a conversion rate of 1% — and assuming your costs of traffic were the same — which would you choose?

We have actually dealt with people who have answered the former (instead of the latter — with higher sales, but lower conversions).

Wow! How utterly STUPID have many become — all because of a few ‘misinformed’ gurus and a lot of arrogance and ignorance.

We’ll take the higher traffic and corresponding lower conversions any day of the week as long as our profits go up… and we hope that you will to.

Watch this video to see more about how profits can go up, while web conversion rates go down.