Web Design Principles: What Should I Consider When Designing My Webpage Or A Homepage?

Web Design Principals

What are some web design principles that you should use when building your (or your clients’) websites?

Many companies design a website based upon what they like and not what their market likes or ‘expects’.

Spending some time doing a little research on how the use of color in different niches affects first-impressions is a ‘must’.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to see how the competition is using color and which color the market sort of ‘expects’ when visiting sites related to your niche.

In many instances, a company severely ‘handicaps’ what their design’s potential by choosing the wrong colors in their logo from the very start.

Placement of words, content boxes, forms, phone numbers and much more should all be considered when designing a website. Good design ultimately affects the effectiveness of a website and the conversions that the website will get.

Additionally, poor coding of that design ‘hamstrings’ the ability to do things later that will effect the user’s experience (and also SEO).

Watch this brief video to see a real-life demonstration of how we use logos, color, and other elements on a page to help increase a website’s conversions.