What if Your PPC Account Gets Banned? Should I Always Include the Dates on My Blog Posts? Why Are My Sidebars Below the Content on My WP Website? Should I Put the WP-Admin Link on My Home Page?

This session was recorded on Thursday, March 14th, 2013.

Another good call today where we covered a variety of topics relating to your WordPress, website, SEO, and PPC issues.

If your PPC account ever gets banned…. good luck trying to get it back. On this call we identify 5 specific things that you will need to do if you want to advertise using PPC ever again once you get banned.

Should I put the link to my WP-admin on the home site of my website? Lots of themes come with that feature already ‘built-in’, but should you keep it.

Sure, it makes it easier for you to log into the admin area of your WordPress site, but there are some trade-offs that you should definitely consider, including issues relating to conversions and SEO. Listen to the video and find out our opinion on this issue.

Should you include dates on your blog posts? Many people are advising that very thing, but before you do that, there are two areas that this decision would affect. We give our thoughts on this at 44:14 into our coaching call.

Find the question(s) that you are most interested in and (after the video loads) scroll right to the question. Join us ‘live’ each week and you can ask your own questions.

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Again… below the video (at the bottom of this post) is a list of questions that were covered in the call.

  • I edited my functions.php and now my entire site has an error message! 2:06
  • Why are my sidebars below the content on my WordPress site? 8:44
  • New rules on SEO because of the Panda and Penguin updates? 10:31
  • What do you think about putting the WP admin login link on the home page of your website either in the sidebar or footer? 18:45
  • When I have uploaded a slider advertisement with the % (percent sign) it is fine in the (MOW POP) editor, but when ‘live’ the % sign changes to a triangle and with a ? (question mark) inside. I have tried on numerous occasions, but it does not change. What do you think is the problem? 20:55
  • How do I verify my site for Google? 23:37
  • After writting and spinning a quality article, what do you do with the spun versions? 32:41
  • What if your PPC account gets banned? 37:19
  • Does adding more then 1 fresh content item and only 1 fresh content a day affect our website or webpage? 43:14
  • Should I always include the date on my blog posts? 44:14