What is a Good Bounce Rate? How Important is Bounce Rate Anyway?

What is a good bounce rate? The real question should be ‘How Important is Bounce Rate to My Website?’

Bounce rate is one of the least understood metrics on the internet today and many people put way to much emphasis on the bounce rate of their website — especially in local markets where many leads are actually phone calls.

If someone visits your web page and does not go to any other page on your site except the page that they landed on, then ‘technically’ that is a ‘bounce’.

But what if that landing page did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do? What if a customer landed on your page and — based on the information provided on that page — made an immediate decision to call your company without visiting any other pages on your site? That is what we call a ‘good’ bounce.

Many e-commerce sites use shopping carts that are hosted somewhere else (and not on their website).

So a customer lands on a page, reads the info provided, makes a buying decision and clicks on a button. They are then transported off of the website to the shopping cart. That is a bounce, too… but another ‘good’ one.

We are not saying that you should not use the ‘bounce rate’ metric to improve your user experience and your conversions, but just don’t go overboard and read something into the bounce rate metric that is not there.

Watch the video to find out more about how important bounce rates really are to your website.