What is Off Page SEO? Is All Off Page SEO Blackhat?

a black hat

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is ANYTHING that you do (from an SEO-perspective) that is not on a page of your main website.

For instance: If you are optimizing a title tag on your website… that is ON-page SEO.

If you are modifying the alt attribute of an image on your site… THAT is on-page SEO.

But if you are doing things like article marketing, social bookmarking, etc. Those are OFF-page SEO activities.

Now… if you look at what Google has to say about SEO, you will find that it is pretty limited to stuff that you do ON your website. Google RARELY talks about off-page activities when it comes to SEO.

Technically, ANYTHING you do ‘off your website’ is ‘black hat’ in the eyes of Google when it comes to SEO.

If Google had its way, all of an SEO professional’s activities would be focused ON the main website of a customer and everything else (any off-page conversations, links, etc) would be ENTIRELY ‘natural’.

Using this interpretation, most SEO professionals are essentially ‘black-hatters’.

Yes, we know that it is painful and that some of you SEO ‘purists’ out there will disagree, but it is what it is. Google considers you a ‘black-hatter’ if you start to build links to your clients’ websites that aren’t ‘natural’.

But, you know… black hats look pretty good on people — especially when they are all dressed up. So, wear your black hat with pride.

Admit that all off-page SEO is essentially ‘black hat’. Get it off your chest. Any time you are ‘manufacturing’ links you are trying to ‘game’ Google. It’s okay. Google knows what you are up to.

Just try to make it look as ‘natural’ as possible — because when it comes right down to it — search bots are actually pretty stupid. They cannot tell ‘manufactured’ links from real links when they are produced by an SEO pro who really knows what they are doing.

Watch the video below to find out more about how off-page SEO is black-hat.