WordPress Menus: How Do I Use The WordPress Menus System?

WordPress Menu System

WordPress menus used to have to be hand-coded and typically ‘resided’ in the header.php files of a WordPress theme.

Nowadays it is much easier to create, use, and edit menus right in the back of WordPress.

Not all themes, however, come with this functionality.

Although the ability to use the back-end ‘drag and drop’ menu system is now built into the WordPress core, your particular theme has to be coded in such a way so that you can take advantage of these features.

If you want to use the built-in menu features (and your theme does not support it) you can either pay someone to code it for you OR simply cut and past the proper code in the right spots and ‘voila!’… you can now use WordPress menus.

Watch the video below as we show you where you need to add code, as well as a few custom CSS tricks to make your menus stand out from the rest.