MOW POP Marketing Suite Questions Answered

This session was recorded on Thursday, Septbember 6th, 2012.

This week was conducted solely by Evan, as George had an out-of-office emergency that he had to attend to.

Evan answered several important questions that you were having about MOW POP Marketing Suite.

Not only did he address your issues, but he showed you how to do some pretty cool things, including how to make and upload your OWN buttons.

If you are not yet using MOW POP Marketing Suite then go to our WordPress Plugins section and look for the latest version. You can download it for FREE. It’s NOT just a pop-up software, but a complete collection of marketing tools that can help almost any WordPress website increase its conversions.

Find the question(s) that you are most interested in and (after the video loads) scroll right to the question. Join us ‘live’ each week and you can ask your own questions.

So go ahead and register for this coming Thursday's call as well!

Again… below the video (at the bottom of this post) is a list of questions that were covered in the call.

  • Is there more than one design for ‘Submit’ buttons? How can I design my own? 6:15
  • What is the difference between a button and a ‘Submit’ button in MOW POP? 23:43
  • What is the box tool? 31:06
  • What is the grid for? 31:48
  • What should you do when you import an image that is too large for your canvas? 36:10
  • Using one of the template buttonsin a new popup, it is working except that the hover color is not showing when mousing over the button. Any idea why? 41:26
  • What is the green + button? 42:42
  • Does MOWPOP work with Facebook functions, such as the “Like” button? 46:37
  • Does MOW have a theme tha helps coordinate WordPress and Facebook? 50:44